Friday, October 7, 2011

Something Wicked: Why I Joined The Collective

Okay, those lucky few who've read the advance copies of my book, or the promotional blurbs, may be freaking out right now. But I'm not joining THAT Collective; the originators of the Nemesis virus who hack into your mind and brainwash you. I'm not ready to be a mindless cyber-zombie. I'm sticking with CG and team ArchAngel... for now.

Actually I've joined the Indie BookCollective. They're an awesome group of writers who have come together to promote themselves and the entire Indie Community. Those who've followed my blog for awhile know that I'm a huge Indie supporter. Most of my reviews feature Indie authors and their eBooks, and many of my posts are about the ins and outs of self-publishing.

The Indie Book Collective, founded by three lovely ladies of prose - Carolyn McCray, Amber Scott, and the snarktastic Rachel in the OC - is celebrating a year of promoting Indies. These folks are awesome! They host webinars on publishing and promoting, aggregate resources for authors, publish lists of editors and reviewers, offer advice, friendship, fun events, the list is endless.They literally wrote the book on Indie Publishing - I reviewed it HERE on the blog.

I've been friends on FB and Twitter with many of them for some time. I took part, as a reviewer, in the wickedly fun Menage a Blog tour back in July. And, as I posted yesterday, I'll be taking part in this months Masquerade Tour. So it's about time I rolled up my sleeves and joined the IBC Staff. You can help too.

If you're an Indie author, reviewer, or you just love independently published literature (or just like FREE stuff) follow their stream, visit their website, follow the sponsors blogs (they are book bloggers and Indie authors) click on LIKE links wherever you find them (it doesn't cost you a penny). Indies everywhere are struggling to offer readers great literature at great prices without the backing of big conglomerate publishers. The Indie Book Collective is offering an alternative to going it alone.


  1. Lovely Max -- we're so pleased you realized resistance is futile.

  2. The synchronicity was too much to resist.

    (And how could anyone resist the redhead?)