Thursday, October 27, 2011

Something Wicked : Halloween

It's almost Halloween! Do you have your costume picked out? A party scheduled? A special someone to be afraid with? If you're looking for something to chill your spine and put your heart racing, you've come to the right blog. 

I have three literary suggestions guaranteed to have you gripping your eReader tight enough to crack the screen, so be careful.

My book - THE COLLECTIVE - is newly released on Kindle, NOOK, and Smashwords and is #1 in the fiction~mystery-detective~general category (#2 in all mystery/detective) on Smashwords. If you don't mind developing a phobia of computers and the internet take a look inside THE COLLECTIVE.

If you are more in the mood for a little murder and mayhem to liven up your weekend, try All Hallows Eve by Cristyn West. It's up as Indie Book Collective's Best Seller For A Day (10/28/11) so don't miss out on the special price of only .99cent. This thriller will have you jumping at shadows.

If your taste is for pure terror this Halloween, then be brave and download THE EVIL WITHIN by Cristyn West, Elena Gray, Amber Scott, Kelli McCracken, Rachel Thompson, Matt Posner, and Patricia McCallum. This anthology will give you plenty to sink your teeth into as you stay awake all night reading.

Good reading and have a frightfully literary Halloween.


  1. I do have my costume picked out! It's been ages since I've been to an adult costume party. Flappers and gangsters is our group theme. How about you? Do tell...

  2. That sounds like fun, Elena! I love to Shag, which is a southern swing dance akin to the Jitterbug and Charleston.

    I haven't decided on costume, but I'll be reading a good book and passing out candy to the kiddies.