Thursday, October 6, 2011

Something Wicked: Blog Tour de Force - Masquerade

It's October, the most wickedly bewitching month of the year. Fall is in the air, leaves are turning, the earth is dying, hell is opening beneath us... Oh wait, where was I? Yes... October.

What is October, and of course All Hallows Eve, without a grand Masquerade? I thought about throwing a Masked Ball for my 50th birthday - Oct. 22 - and the release of THE COLLECTIVE - Oct. 22 - but where is the best place to celebrate the release of an eBook? Online of course.

I heard that Blog Tour de Force was hosting a Masquerade and wanted in. Alas they were already booked up. But then to my surprise and delight I received an invitation. I'm sure they took pity on me, it being my 50th birthday and all. But be that as it may, I'm in - and so are you. Of course I wouldn't leave out my friends.

October 17 - 22 yours truly and a host of wonderful authors will be sneaking onto each others blogs and posting. It is up to you to guess who is posting where. Yes, there will be free books, swag, prizes, and more fun than bobbing for apples. 12 authors - 12 books - 6 days of all the delicious mystery of a Grande Masked Ball.

Don't miss it. It will be Something Wicked indeed. ;)

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