Friday, May 27, 2011

Lost Weekend... ah, week actually ;-)

View from the right coast -

I'm sitting on the balcony of my hotel room at Ocean Isle Beach, looking out over a calm ocean, as the sun slowly rises on another perfect day. The last few days have been exactly what I needed, completely unproductive. I've sat on the beach until my skin is pink and tingling, walked until my legs are sore, body-surfed until my muscles ached, ate fish and shrimp until I'm stuffed, read my Kindle on the beach, made love in the afternoon, laughed, slept, and let my thoughts wander.

I needed this more than I realized and it will be over long before I've had enough. Too soon I will be back to work, back to life, back to stress. The days of surf and sun and lazy afternoons will drift away like a dream at waking and the stack of bills, the daily chores, and yet another crisis will fill my world again. But today I will pack my towel, my Kindle, my bottles of lemonade, and throw myself back into the never ending rhythm of crashing waves and lose myself in the monotony of just being.

I came here to write, to finish the final edits on The Collective for release in June, and get away for awhile. Writing and editing hasn't happened. Maybe if I had more time, this balcony would be a perfect place to write, but even here time passes too quickly and I find myself in a hurry to relax before it's gone and life grabs me by the throat again. So the editing is thrown back on the stack of things not getting done this week and production comes to a halt for an all too brief vacation.

When I post this I'll be back, doing all the things that must be done when returning from a trip, all the little things that pile up and stand waiting patiently to smack me back into reality. After the long drive home there will be bills piled on my desk, food to cook, clothes to wash, and another work week to prepare for. Life doesn't take a vacation. The manuscript still hasn't been edited and my son's car is still a lifeless piece of scrap metal in my driveway. All the things that need to get done while I sit on the beach haven't.

But today I fiddle as Rome burns. Today I throw myself in the ocean. Today I don't give a damn what needs doing, or what the motel costs, or what CNN says. Today I relax. Let the cares of the day be sufficient, the evils of tomorrow will tend to themselves. Today I live, laugh, love. Today there is sun, sand, and surf. If only today could last forever.

Back home -

Unfortunately all good things come to an end and I'm back home staring at my keyboard. At least it's a long weekend, I'll need it to recover. The vacation was a blast, the beach was perfect, the ocean was just warm enough to swim in, and the breeze just cool enough to be comfortable. I came home to severe thunderstorms, tornado warnings, and massive power outages. Today was spent shopping for and buying a new car, so again writing/editing gets pushed to the back burner.

Tonight I post this, then try to catch up on a week away from social networks. Right. Like that will happen. Anyone have a brief summary? Tomorrow I'll write bills and hit the chores. Perhaps by Sunday I'll get a little editing done. My new work in progress is an ongoing web series - Entangled Pair. I've decided to run it on a dedicated blog and link it here. I will also be continuing the series of Book Reviews. Next week is Follow the Money - a novel by Fingers Murphy. So stay tuned.


  1. I'm so happy you had a good time, Max. It's always amazing how life slows down when you’re away—enough so that you experience all the wonderful things you didn’t have time for at home. It’s also a revelation to come back and discover little has changed.

    To answer your question "Anyone have a brief summary?" I know it's rhetorical, and the answer is probably "yes," but it's unimportant.
    Your friends are still here, and from what I can gather, all is well.

    The most important thing to know? I am, as I’m sure everyone else is, happy to have you back safe and sound, and hopefully a bit more rested than before you left.

    Welcome back,


  2. Thanks Eden - it's good to be back, though the to-do lists seemed to double while I was away. But I am rested a bit and ready to roll up the sleeves and dive back in.



  3. What a lovely trip. Thank you for sharing it, and letting me have a slice while grey skies are dumping rain into the harbour. Hope your work all goes well now that you are relaxed.

  4. Thanks Barb. Glad it brightened your day a bit.