Thursday, July 3, 2008


I continue to promote my e-book, ArchAngelxx. Sales have begun to pick up a little. Mobipocket Books featured it last month on their site and in their newsletter. Awesome. I have also took the Google plunge and set up an ad account for my main website Hopefully that will get some more hits on the site.

I continue in my pursuit for a literary agent. I really want to get my latest manuscript published the old fashioned way. I would also like to see ArchAngelxx in print someday as well. I will continue to shop it around while I write my next manuscript. If I haven't found a publisher by then I may publish it as an e-book I'll see how Archangelxx sells.

I really like the ease of publishing as an e-book and the freedom e-books give creatively. I think they are the future of publishing. There is so much added content you can put in an electronic version than you can in a paper bound addition. But as I have said before, there is something about holding that bound edition in my hand...

I will keep sending out queries. There is an agent out there somewhere for me.

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